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Some Post-Presidential Debate #1 Ramblings

There’s a paradoxical, almost irreconcilable ambivalence that occurs when one of a Libertarian bent, such as this writer, speaks of whom he would like to see as President of the United States.  The problem occurs with the conflicting notions of wanting to elect a true Libertarian, cut of the Founder’s cloth, to the Presidency so he can strip it of the overreaching power it has usurped over the years since the ratification of the Constitution.  Hmmm.  Elect a man to the presidency so he can dismantle its imperial power.  See what I mean?

I’m not sure this will happen in my lifetime.  And by ‘I’m not sure’, I really mean ‘I’m certain it will NOT’.  So, watching the debate tonight, the realist in me (after all, preppers are nothing if not realists, right?) has decided that I must vote the current president out of office.  Unfortunately, that requires me to vote FOR Mitt Romney, as votes of ‘no confidence’ are the exclusive domains of nations with Parliaments.  This prospect does not thrill me, but what thrills me even less is the damage another 4 years of a BHO regime would do to our individual liberties and freedoms.

I am under no illusions that Romney is a latter-day Thomas Jefferson.  He is decidedly NOT.  He is, however a man, I believe, that understands the notion of Liberty much, much more intimately than the current resident of the White House, and will slow down, at the very least, the exponential growth of the police/surveillance state here in America..  For now, it’s the best I could hope for.

I’m not here to talk you into following my logic, necessarily.  I just implore you to consider the stakes as you mull over whether to ‘sit this one out’, because YOUR candidate did not survive the corrupt primary process.  Wow, are those stakes high.
Pray on it.


Be Safe.  Be Prepared.


PP October 2012


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Yeah, PP’s back – and not moment too soon!


With A Little Light Reading, The Coors Beer Parable, and some ‘Stream of Consciousness’ For Your Reading Pleasure.

It’s been some months since I’ve posted anything of substance, and , in a small way, I’m sorry for that.  I harbor no illusions about my vast readership waiting forlornly for another nugget of wisdom from their favorite prepper, still, having started and cultivated this blog for a few years now, I do feel a responsibility to those surprisingly many people who have found it and , finding the content interesting, subscribed to it.  Thank you very much to ascribing at least a modicum of value to the words and advice I proffer.  OK, enough mea culpa, on with the show!

Since my last substantive post, I have reworked my 4 raised-bed planters and they are now ready to receive my Fall planting; I have gone hiking in Colorado (Rocky Mountain National Park) and Wyoming (The Snowy Range – Medicine Bow and Brown’s Peak to be precise); found out I’m going to be a grandpa (WOW), and added a pistol caliber carbine to my collection as a ‘Trunk Gun’.  And, oh yeah, I’ve been stepping up my prepping some.  There might be an October Surprise in the works and with the world in the state that it’s in (both economically and politically), one can never be too prepared. I must admit though, it’s hard to be both pessimistic and optimistic about the future – but that’s where I find myself these days.  The news of my son about to become a father is a blessing beyond words.  There are simply no adequate words to describe how thrilled and thankful to God I am.   Yet, a glance at your favorite news sites on the internet will tell you that the world has become even more financially unstable than it was when the S nearly HTF back in 2008.  So, I find myself adding to my food supply for my children, and (gulp!) grandchildren’s sake.  I bought lots of Mountain House freeze dried meals for the hiking trip and an equal amount for my preps, along with a few more cans of Morning Moo powdered milk and some canned butter and cheese.  Oh, and I picked a few books from off my bookshelf to appease the pessimistic side of me, and began reading them last week.  JWR is great at getting you in the ‘survival mindset’.

Which brings me to the Coors Beer Parable.  The story begins with our trip to Golden, CO, where they make Coors Beer – and yes, it really is made with Rocky Mountain Spring Water which cascades down from the Rockies, through the center of the picturesque and beautiful town of Golden, and, in part, into a holding tank right outside the brewery.  My wife and I took the famous brewery tour and dutifully sampled the wares along the way (I developed quite a fondness for Blue Moon White Ale on that trip).  It was great to taste fresh Coors Beer again as it is only marginally available at my local grocery sore here in SoFla.  It was so good, in fact, that I made it my mission upon returning from CO, to stock up on as much Coors as I could afford to buy after a 3-week hiking trip halfway across the country – which I did.  I bought four cases of the stuff, which seemed like and endless supply when stacked 4 cases high.  Hell, I’d NEVER run out now.  Ha!  The can in the photo at the top of the post is the LAST CAN of my seemingly endless supply of beer.  Like all parables, this one too has a lesson.  Can you guess what it is?

Correct!  You NEVER have enough!  Ever.  Those are my words of wisdom for today.

I don’t need to tell you that at the present time there is a real danger of a major war starting in the Middle East.  Israel will NOT wait until Iran has a bomb, as Obama is want to do.  They will strike Iran’s nuke facilities when they feel they can no longer wait.  To them, a nuclear Iran is an existential threat, and, no matter how you feel about the matter, they will deal with it as they see fit.  This would open a Pandora’s Box which will spread mayhem around the planet.  I pray it will not be so, but I prepare like it is a certainty.  It’s the only thing a responsible husband/parent/ grandparent can do.  Can your preps use another 10 lbs of rice?  Or sugar?  Or flour?

More, a lot more, in the next few days.  God bless you all.  Pray.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.

PP Fall 2012

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Happy Labor Day

A little unabashed ‘Eastwooding’ at the practicalprepper compound.


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How to Stop a Shooter: (Hint – It’s NOT tougher gun laws.)

How to Stop a Shooter

CARRY YOUR WEAPON if you legally can.  One armed citizen in that crowded movie theater in Aurora, CO could have minimized or prevented that tragedy from occurring.  But, from what I’ve read, that movie theater had a “No Firearms” sign posted.  Hmmmmm…. it didn’t seem to deter the lunatic, though, did it.

If you’re a CCW holder, CARRY YOUR WEAPON as often as you can.  YOU could prevent events like this in your city or town with one well-aimed shot.  Don’t witness a crazed gunman like that idiot in CO. and wish you had not left your carry pistol in the gun safe.  CARRY YOUR WEAPON.

TEST:  The main idea of the two preceding paragraphs was: ___________________________________.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.  CARRY YOUR WEAPON!!!!

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Summer’s Here and the Time is Right…..

Well, for Prepping, what else?

So you spent all winter with road maps spread across the living room floor, but $3.80 gas prices have put the kibosh on those plans to drive the gas-guzzler across this beautiful country this summer.  Disappointing, to be sure, but with disappointment can come opportunity.  Instead of taking a long, expensive road trip, take your family to some local places instead.  After all, its the time you spend together that counts, not necessarily where it is spent.  And when you get back from your vacation, you can put some of the money you saved on gas and hotels towards starting your emergency preps – the ones you’ve been meaning to get around to for, well…..a long time.

This site has a wealth of information on prioritizing your emergency preps and going beyond just food, water and first-aid materials to communications equipment, firearms for protection, perimeter security, and a host of other useful topics.  So, browse as much as you like, but resolve to start those long-put-off preps this summer.  The peace of mind they bring, in this turbulent world alone are worth the cost.

I’d start with food, water and medicines – a little each week so as not to upset the budget too badly.  Then expand your preps as mentioned above.  Start with reading The Prepper’s Mindset, to get your head straight on why the effort is worthwhile.

Don’t put it off.  Start today.

Be safe.  Be Prepared

Practical Prepper 2012

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Buy-One-Get-One Prepping

Yup. This is how my prepping began; BOGO at Publix supermarket. It started modestly with a few cans of BOGO green beans or instant oatmeal or bags of rice, then grew in time to its present state. If you have little or no spare income in these very trying times, then BOGO is the best way for you to start to squirrel away some food for the proverbial ‘rainy day’.


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New Use For My Vacuum Sealer


Went to BJs Warehouse today to replace a few expired preps and decided to buy some more powdered garlic and dried, chopped onions – just the stuff to perk up some potentially bland rice and beans dinner. As I had plenty of both, I decided to vacuum seal these packages in an effort to extend their shelf.
Anyone using their vacuum sealer in novel, creative ways? Share it in the comments.

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Collapse of the Dollar – Yes It CAN Happen

Every once in a while, I come across an explanation of how the US Dollar, our fiat, based-on-nothing currency, could meet its sudden, yet inevitable demise.

Here is just such an explanation.

Are you prepared?

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Happy New Year – 2012 AD

I ushered in 2012 with a Filet Mignon and a bottle of Merlot (by the way the Kershaw Skyline blade is an homage of sorts to the ‘Tester of Dangerous Things’, nutnfancy) because I firmly believe that this time next year I’ll be boiling water to make yet another bag of Freeze dried Creamy Potato and Vegetable soup from the prep stash.

I pray I’m wrong but prepare like I’m not.

Be Safe. Be Prepared.
Practical Prepper 2012


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On Crossing The Firearms Rubicon

There seems to be a natural progression to the, for lack of a better term, Prepping Mindset.  That is to say, once a person gets into the mindset (and I consider that ‘mindset’ to be the realization that all is not well with the political/financial/economic system and the possibility one or more of those systems can significantly break down or even collapse in the near future and that you are obliged to prepare for such events), they similarly prioritize their or their families’ needs, then set about the process of obtaining what is necessary to meet those needs.  It all makes perfect sense once you accept the logical premise that the S*** can and very well might Hit The Fan in the not too distant future.  But, be advised, the decision-tree of prepping is fraught with peril.  A typical progression of prepping is illustrated below, along with the aforementioned peril.

Assuming that most people cannot or will not bug-out to their mountain redoubts, they begin their prepping by obtaining supplies of food and water.  Starting out modestly, as most people’s budgets do not permit them to purchase a years’ worth of freeze-dried food in one fell swoop.  They typically start with canned goods, legumes, pasta, soups, etc., and gallon jugs of water and simply build on that idea until a sufficient amount of food and water exists (that amount will differ from prepper to prepper). Your mileage may vary, as there are virtually infinite combinations of food and water storage methods available to the diligent prepper. Concurrent with that, the beginning prepper might begin obtaining supplies of needed medicines, both over-the-counter and prescriptions as I mentioned in my previous post on the subject.  From this point, the prepping decision tree branches out in many directions.  For example, do I need a water filter?  If so, what type, how many?  Do I have a means of cooking food if the power goes out (including the municipal natural gas supply)?  Do I need a solar oven, a firewood stove and lots of wood?  The decisions I have made on such matters have been outlined in great detail here on my blog, OPSEC permitting, but one decision, a crucial one, might (I submit, MUST) change the way the beginning prepper views his preparations for disaster – the purchase of firearms.

Have You Thought This Through?

Unlike the other comparatively trivial decisions, purchasing firearms for the purpose of protecting you and your family is a Rubicon that, once crossed, demands that the prepper decide well in advance that he/she is capable of using that firearm as deadly force to prevent harm to themselves or their family and is at peace with that decision.  For if you waver at all in your defensive actions with a firearm (due to indecision or misplaced sympathy or guilt) against persons that seek to do you harm, that moment of indecision could cost you any your family their lives.

But, that decision alone is NOT the peril I referred to above.  In my opinion, the peril comes from the many less obvious, but weighty decisions (less obvious than taking action to save the lives of you and your loved ones which is a no-brainer) you need to have made before deciding to employ a firearm for protection.  For example, what if several weeks into a financial collapse, when many supermarkets have long since stopped receiving re-supply, a group of people begin banging on your front door demanding food, stating that “if you don’t give it to us, we’ll come in and take it!”  No threat to your life was directly made, but you will have to have already decided what you will do if they break in to steal the only available food and water to keep you and your family alive.  What would you do?  They might not mean you any direct harm, but isn’t taking your food tantamount to sentencing you to death in an emergency situation?  Have you thought this through?  I would not presume to advise you or anyone on this matter as it is both a legal and moral question.  One which is better taken up with your God and/or the local authorities – presuming that there even are local authorities in a disaster situation.  Remember Katrina anyone?   But, if you accept the premise that things can go very badly very quickly, waiting until they kick down your front door to decide what to do is a good way to lose your food, water and your firearm and maybe your life.  Again, you need to have thought these scenarios through and discussed them with your family BEFORE you are confronted with them.

OK.  You’ve taken time to think through several dozen scenarios in which you will either use deadly force or not and have discussed those scenarios with your family, sought their advice, and even prayed on it.  Good.  Now, let me throw a hypothetical monkey wrench into the works.  What if the knock on the front door is a government agent advising you that your supply of food is against the newly passed ‘Food Hoarding Act’ whereby anyone possessing a ‘cache’ of food while others are starving is in violation of the Anti-Hoarding provision of the law and he is here to ‘legally’ confiscate it.  Do you give it to them ( ‘it’ meaning, the food, of course)?  What if the folks at the door are local police or DHS minions confiscating all firearms like New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagan ordered in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Do you leave your family defenseless because folks in black uniforms have no qualms about violating your 2nd and 4th Amendment rights?  Are your preps worth dying for?  Are your guns?  Is your family?  Is Liberty?  Again, I cannot advise you on such matters.  I can only say that you must have decided in advance what you will do in such situations AND be at peace with those decisions.  The decisions are weighty ones – and, as I said, fraught with peril.

Have you thought this through?

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.

Practical Prepper 2011

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