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Things are coming to a head in Connecticut.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, the state of Connecticut has passed ill-advised, knee-jerk, legislation forcing the registration of the usual suspects of the gun-grabbers – high capacity magazines and ‘assault rifles’.  No, not the registration of NEW purchases of these items – the registration of ALL such items legally purchased and owned by CT citizens.  The citizens had a few months to comply with the states’ demand that they come forth and register them at designated locations across the state.  And, indeed some did.  But, therein lies the problem.  Out of an estimated 350,000 owners of the now illegal weapons and magazines, only a few thousand actually came forward to submit to the tyranny of the state.  This instantly created several hundred thousand new ‘felons’ across the Nutmeg State who refused to comply with the order.

The new felons have recently been issued a second letter stating that they are in violation of the law, but just how far will the gun-grabbers in the State House go to enforce the law against 300,000 or so heavily armed, 2nd amendment supporters is the 64 thousand dollar question.  This situation warrants your close attention.  Things could get very ugly in CT and spread rapidly if cooler heads do not prevail. Follow daily developments here at the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog.

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  1. Interesting as to what will come about.? No one wants to be a shot at or get killed. Our government and police solved the problem one way. They have 30-50 cops, 15 snipers, and two or three swat teams. All to corner you in your home to burn it down with a motive cocktail . History will always repeat it self. The Branch Davidions, Along with the Black police officer who spoke out against his white partner (He abused people while on duty) The Black officer (was a true oath keeper) never hurt a citizen. He was burned alive by the Government and his fellow Police officers to death in California.. What happens when a family starts shooting back after a home Invasion (done by the Black Ninjas with body armor and M4’s) Will anyone come help the family. They know of the possible out come.. Maybe when 30 people ( citizens ) who are armed behind the officers behind them will and tell them to move on. I am from New York . Many here will have a similar problem due to the date in April of 2014. I have heard many either sell the firearms, Second take them to another state (out of state) .?I know many will comply in New to be a sheep I have heard on a web site that it will take three generations to disarm the american population .(One persons thought) Maybe the same will happen here like in the Ukraine but for Constitutional rights

    Comment by Maximus | March 2, 2014 | Reply

    • Great comment. Yes, I agree with your assessment of what happens to those who dare defy the power of the state. I sincerely believe that CT is the Rubicon. If gun confiscations starts there, followed by the inevitable shootouts (a result desired by this government to demonize patriots), that state will become a magnet for all manner of gun-rights supporters from the black helicopter crowd to the Oath Keeper-types; much like our invasion of Iraq was a magnet for every jihadi within 500 miles who wanted a shot at the great Satan. It will be ugly and people will die – a lot of them. did you see that a list of the aaddresses of all the CT legislators that voted for that ‘intollerable act’ has been published? Wow! Just wow.

      Comment by practicalprepper | March 2, 2014 | Reply

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