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Generator Test With Stored Gasoline

Took some time off from the “Honey -Do” list today to fire up the Honda eu2000i generator using some gasoline I had stored some 18 months ago. This is a prudent thing to to for a number of reasons. First, it’s hurricane season here in Florida and my neighborhood has those old-fashioned wooden power poles that are Always affected high winds, so the likelihood of my power going out even in winds short of hurricane strength is better than even. Second, having a working generator and bad gas is like having no generator at all. It’s like having a shotgun, but no shells. For the record, the 5 Gallon can of gas I filled and added a fuel stabilizer to, started the Honda on the fifth pull and ran like a champ.
If you’ve got a generator and stored gasoline, why not take a moment to crank it up this weekend? You’ll be glad you did.

Be safe. Be prepared.

2013 Practical Prepper
Miami, FL


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  1. Great article.
    I did mine last week. I would suggest you list the ratio of stabilizer/gallon of gas. Some people do not want to take the time to research the internet.
    I am currently looking at obtaining a second generator. I live in Oklahoma and after the past couple of months, one does need to be prepared.
    Decided to get the second one so I have one strictly dedicated to the fridge and freezer while I can deploy the second one to power up whatever else I need.
    Am really interested in the new models powered not with gas but a 20 lb bottle of LP. Has anyone used this type?

    Comment by tpdoldie | June 22, 2013 | Reply

    • That’s an excellent suggestion. I’ll post the mix ratio I used to get 18 mos. out of that 5 gallon can. I’ve never used an LP generator because on its energy saving mode, my little Honda posers my 2 freezers and some lighting with ease and is extremely stingy on gas. I will look into them though. Thanks for the info.

      Comment by practicalprepper | June 22, 2013 | Reply

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