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A Statement of the Obvious – And a Call For Comments

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Wow.  I’ve found it very hard to simply blog about prepping lately.  This is, of course, not news to the followers of this prepping blog and to you, I can only apologize and offer this meager explanation.

I started this blog as a Prepping blog and, as such, I feel I have achieved some measure of success and am quite happy with the quality and originality of its content.  Writing this blog was my way of sharing my prepping experiences with a growing number of like-minded people who were journeying down the same road of self sufficiency and preparedness.  Except for a few dalliances, I have succeeded in my efforts to avoid being overtly political and overbearingly pessimistic – and therein lies the problem.  In recent weeks and months, whenever I sat down to write about my new Ruger LC9 or the incredible mods I’ve made to my Kel-Tec Sub-2000, I instead,  start writing dire warnings about how the Department of Homeland Security has ordered nearly 2 Billion rounds of small arms ammo in the past year. Why?  Who are they anticipating doing battle with?

Or how that same department has ordered over seven thousand armored, mine-resistant vehicles – not for the Iraq or Afghanistan theater, but for deployment here in the CONUS. Why?

Or how the local police are becoming more and more militarized, through ‘fusion centers’ (Google that one…and YES, the NSA will be watching as you do it) funded by, you guessed it, the DHS.  Why?

Or how a whole panoply of government agencies are capturing everything we write, say, and read from our digital phones and computers and storing it without a warrant (google the PRISM program).  Why?

Or how Free Speech, the bedrock of a free society, is being stifled by political correctness, the US Justice Department, and the IRS.  Why?

Or how we are openly supplying arms to an group of Islamist rebels in Syria who share the same goals as al Qaeda, our alleged sworn enemy.  (Anyone read 1984?)  Why?

Or how the US debt is about to reach $17,000,000,000,000 – a sum that is impossible to pay back.

Or…  Well, you get the picture.  And it’s NOT a rosy one.  I wish I could just ignore all this stuff, but, as preppers, we MUST be aware of these happenings and act in our best interests to shield our families form their possible effects.  We haven’t invested our time and money prepping merely for hurricanes or floods or tornadoes.  We all know that something is going to ‘go-south’ here in America.  We can feel it.  We all dread it and pray that it never occurs, but.  Well…. We know better, don’t we?

I wish I had a more positive, uplifting message, but I don’t.  I heard Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless The USA’ the other day and instead of tears welling up in my eyes as was once the case, I just sadly shook my head when he said:  “I’m proud to live in America, where at least I know I’m free.”  A libertarian, constitution-loving, gun owning, liberty loving Tea-Party Christian, free?  I’m not so sure anymore.

Are you?

Share your thoughts with me and others in comments.  I really want to know how you all feel about what I’ve written here tonight.  Do you agree?  Or do you want me to shut up and post pics of my souped up Kel-Tec Sub2000?

Be Safe.  Be Prepared

Practical Prepper 2013

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  1. You’re right on target, unfortunately we’ve been used to living in an environment where “someone” rides into the scene at the last minute and saves the day. More and more it’s looking like that’s not gong to happen. It really appears that BHO is going to be successful in using Saul Alinsky’s “overload the system to bring it down” and class warfare methods, and either no one can, or no one is willing to stop him.
    As for “going negative” or “going political” instead of posting prepper info, that’s certainly your choice. I’m of the opinion that while some might find the political op-ed and analysis distasteful, it has great value…unless you don’t want to understand what it going on.
    Public discourse and debate is what this republic was founded on. If we begin to stifle free speech among ourselves before they force PC-speech on us, then we’ve actually helped to defeat ourselves.
    Molon Labe

    Comment by MC | June 7, 2013 | Reply

    • Awesome comment. I totally agree about the Saul Alinsky game plan. If we had a real, independent press in this country, BHO could NEVER get away with this, but we don’t. they’re only diligent when the President has an (R) for a party affiliation.
      I appreciate you taking time to respond. Hang in there, brother. We’re not alone.

      Comment by practicalprepper | June 8, 2013 | Reply

  2. very well said

    Comment by Barry Leggett | June 8, 2013 | Reply

  3. Well, I am sorry to say this but you are right on. I think we have all known this was coming but hoped it was afar off still but not so. It is about to be upon us and we must be ready for what ever happens. We may not only experience military, political unrest, and possibly trouble a war but along with it all we will need to be prepared for the weather problems that are going to be happening just like they always do and in some places they will be a knew happening, because like in N.Y. they never had to deal with such things before. People need to be reminded that our earth has shifted off it’s axsis and that is changing our weather paterns. It is not that we should get all worried about this, we need to keep our head and know that we will just have to deal with it all. Keep on prepping but make sure you include things like books on herbal medicine and stock away some of the antibiotic type herbs and learn how to use them. This is going to be a heck of a ride for quite a while. It isn’t going to go away over night or even in one year, so keep on keeping on for as long as you can. God Bless us everyone!

    Comment by granny mae | June 8, 2013 | Reply

  4. I absolutely do not mind hearing your opinions, observations, and conclusions about what is going on…I may not agree with it, but that doesn’t reduce the value of the information. If anything, understanding your position requires me to make sure I understand MY position…the reason so many people do not want to hear anything but “happy happy joy joy” blather.
    Personally, I do not think Obama is incompetent. I think he’s doing exactly as he is told by his handlers, via Valerie Jarrett. The goal is not to change America, unless by “change” you mean destroy. I believe Soros, and others who are not as obvious, view you and I and this country as an obstacle to their goals and are actively and successfully tearing down the obstacle. The question now is whether we do anything to stop them, or just hide.

    Comment by MC | June 10, 2013 | Reply

  5. I agree. I’m glad to hear other people’s ears are perking up at the recent news developments. I sometimes get concerned because I don’t personally know any other preppers and I fear that when things go badly, there won’t be enough of us.

    (Or we’ll be hunted down because they know
    everything about us…)

    Comment by Vanah | June 13, 2013 | Reply

    • Are there any Prepper forums for your area on the internet? I’d spend some time doing a comprehensive search – the results might surprise you. I had some good luck doing that. Also, there happen to be four or five like-minded people on my block who, while not exactly classic ‘preppers’ are at least aware that we would have to band together of things go south. I met them when I had a Christmas party for my neighbors a few years ago.
      I totally get your ‘hunted down’ fear. That’s why I’d make finding folks who share your fears as soon as you can.

      Comment by practicalprepper | June 14, 2013 | Reply

      • Thanks for the tip. I’ll check around my area. We just moved from the city to a more rural area outside of town. Hopefully we’ll find some like minded people around here.

        As an aside, I didn’t really worry much about being tracked down until recent events revealed just how much of my life is recorded…yikes.

        Comment by Vanah | June 19, 2013

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