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These People Also Thought: ‘It Could NEVER Happen Here.’

People reach out to take fruits and vegetables distributed for free by farmers during a protest against high production costs outside the Agriculture Ministry in Athens

As I see it, the BIGGEST regret most folks will have when the economy house-of-cards comes crashing down is that they did not have an adequate supply of food to get through the period of turmoil and chaos it will leave in its wake.  I’ve been preaching all sorts of prepping for a few years now and many people have responded positively.  For this I am very grateful and heartened.  If, however, you’ve been waiting for the ‘right time’ or that next bonus check to begin your food preps, for Pete’s sake, start it NOW.  Those people in that photograph do not live in a 3rd world country, or one ravaged by a natural disaster or war or famine, they live in Greece.  A modern country.  A member of NATO!  A country, however, ravaged by debt and ‘economic austerity imposed upon it by their European Union overlords.

The Greek Debt to GDP ratio is 160%.  That is to say that they owe 60% more in debt, that their entire economy produces.  Ha ha, what a joke of a country, eh?  Before you snicker too loudly, please realize that the US debt to GDP ratio is about 110%. Yes, that’s right:  We too, owe more in debt than our entire economy produces.  The only thing preventing pictures like the one above from being taken all across this country is the world’s mistaken and misplaced belief that the US dollar has some real value.  The milli-second that some country comes to its senses and proclaims that it no longer has faith in the US dollar – we’re screwed.  Financially, we will have become Greece.  Psssst:  The dirty little secret is that we ALREADY ARE GREECE!  Like I said, all it will take is for some kid in a crowd to proclaim that the ‘Emperor has no Clothes!!!’

To wit, I have recently begun the slow process of ‘upgrading’ my food stores from grocery store canned and packaged food to long-term freeze-dried, dehydrated meals.  This will be a slow process because it is expensive.  But, my foresight in stocking up about a years’ supply of food has bought me time to do the transition at my own pace.  Ideally, I will have a good supply of both types of stores, for variety’s sake.  I hope I have the time to complete the transition.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the mean time, I implore you to stock up on food now.  I have plenty of ideas on the subject in this blog if you’re a first time visitor.  Do not hesitate.  We are Greece/Greece is us.

Be Safe.

Be Prepared.

Practical Prepper 2013

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  1. Hi I realize this is a really old blog post but I wanted to comment just the same.. I am a like minded individual, typically dont describe myself by the term “prepper” but according to your idea of practical preparation, thats what I am. It all started with the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”. I became an Eagle scout and have adhered to this motto as much as possible for many years now. It is the road less travelled by our modern culture, but as someone famous once said, it has made all the difference. But I digress. What I really wanted to comment on was your astute observation that the only thing (I share your opinion) that is really holding our economy together and keeping us from the full “Greek” experience is the fact that the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency. That is the only reason that our current leaders and those who have preceded them have gotten away with the indiscriminate printing of money…..the world for some odd reason still wants to trade in dollars. Many don’t realize that the Pound Sterling was in this same position for 200 years up until lend-lease in WWII. You know, when the sun never set on the British flag? The Chinese are working feverishly to bring about the demise of the dollar and replace it with their own Yuan. Why? Because they understand what this will mean just like you and I do. And at this point and considering the current political ineptitude that is prevalent in our nation, it is simply a mater of time. When, not if. Thanks for a great blog and keep it up!!

    Comment by Steve | October 22, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks for the input and kind words. I truly believe that our monetary goose is cooked and the only think keeping us afloat is the $ status as the world’s reserve currency AND the printing of $85,000,000,000 a month by the Federal Reserve and it’s injection into the stock market. In short, wise people know we’re screwed economically and the hammer will come down one day when we least expect it. Prep-On, my friend.

      Comment by practicalprepper | March 2, 2014 | Reply

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