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At the Florida Gun Rights Rally 19 January 2013

I attended the Florida version of Saturday 1/19/13 Nationwide Gun Rights Rally. Here are a few pictures.



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A Sceptical Look at ‘Doomsday Preppers’


No doubt about it;  America now knows what ‘Prepping’ is.  Doomsday Preppers (National Geographic Channel) has brought to light the idea that there are many people among us, our neighbors perhaps, that, to varying degrees, are preparing provisions, locations, and self protection schemes in case some calamity befalls their neighborhood/city/state/country.   It has become one of the most popular shows on the above-mentioned cable channel better known for wildlife or space documentaries.

This is a good thing, right?  I mean, anything that shows preppers as just ordinary people can only create converts and grow our ranks.  Well, that would be true if the show did depict preppers as ordinary people.  My problem with the show is that that is not at all what they do.  Let me explain:

What they do mostly is find the most extreme cases of people or families involved in meticulous prepping for some very specific event like the Yelowstone Super Volcano, or an EMP attack, or a worldwide avian flu pandemic, follow them as they toil away trying to protect their families from the calamity, then actually dismiss their whole raison d’etre (reason for being) by showing how ‘experts’ think the possibility of their particular event happening is breathtakingly remote.  What’s the subtle message here?  These people are perhaps harmless, but needlessly obsessed with events are exceedingly unlikely to occur.   Sure, they mean well, they’re just a little misguided.  Innocuous criticism, right?  Well maybe.

But maybe not.

In days with filled supermarket shelves, you are ‘merely’ misguided.  However, in darker days, how long will it be until you (we) are looked down upon as  greedy, or  selfish, or hoarders of the ‘community’s food’?  Think about if for a moment.  If a food shortage does occur, no matter the cause: weather, local rioting, terrorism, a trucking strike, or crop failures, how long will it actually take for your benign little obsession with ‘food hoarding‘ and the ‘2nd Amendment‘ to cause you to be labeled as a ‘threat to the community, or an ‘extremist’ or, (if you’ll forgive the insertion of yet another French term) the coup de grace: a domestic terrorist.

Oh Practical Prepper, you’ve gone over the deep edge, dude.  How can my belief in the sactity of the 2nd Amendment and my having several guns for my protection and that of my family and our food be ‘terrorism?

Exhibit A:  Mock Disaster Training Exercise in Scioto County.  Guess who the bad guys are?  Click the link.  More tonight.  Do you think this exercise and story occurring on the same weekend as Pro 2nd-Amendment rallies are taking place across the country was an accident?  I don’t.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.  Opsec.

Practical Prepper 2013

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A Call-To-Action from Practical Prepper

Hi, fellow preppers.  I’ve sufficiently recovered from the election to resume posting on this blog again.  But, rather than one loooong pontification about several subjects, I’ve chosen to break my thoughts up into a few brief entries to be published on this site in the coming few days.

This post is time-sensitive, so it’s going first.  Due to the deliberate over-reaction to recent mass-shooting events, our right to Keep and Bear arms, guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution are in grave peril.  Our gun rights are under direct attack from many sides; Statists, protectionists, gun-grabbers,  complicit news media, and others.  Action must be taken NOW to stem this onslaught of anti-gun propaganda.  If this is important to you, then please try to attend a Pro-2nd Amendment ‘Guns Across America‘ rally in your state capital on Saturday, January 19th at noon.  The poster for the nationwide event is posted below.  Here’s the link to the web site. 

It’s time to get off the couch and stand up for our God-given rights to protect our families.  I’ll be at the Florida rally.  Look on the Facebook link on the above linked web sire for the location in your state.  Tempus fugit!

photo (29)

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.


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