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Some Post-Presidential Debate #1 Ramblings

There’s a paradoxical, almost irreconcilable ambivalence that occurs when one of a Libertarian bent, such as this writer, speaks of whom he would like to see as President of the United States.  The problem occurs with the conflicting notions of wanting to elect a true Libertarian, cut of the Founder’s cloth, to the Presidency so he can strip it of the overreaching power it has usurped over the years since the ratification of the Constitution.  Hmmm.  Elect a man to the presidency so he can dismantle its imperial power.  See what I mean?

I’m not sure this will happen in my lifetime.  And by ‘I’m not sure’, I really mean ‘I’m certain it will NOT’.  So, watching the debate tonight, the realist in me (after all, preppers are nothing if not realists, right?) has decided that I must vote the current president out of office.  Unfortunately, that requires me to vote FOR Mitt Romney, as votes of ‘no confidence’ are the exclusive domains of nations with Parliaments.  This prospect does not thrill me, but what thrills me even less is the damage another 4 years of a BHO regime would do to our individual liberties and freedoms.

I am under no illusions that Romney is a latter-day Thomas Jefferson.  He is decidedly NOT.  He is, however a man, I believe, that understands the notion of Liberty much, much more intimately than the current resident of the White House, and will slow down, at the very least, the exponential growth of the police/surveillance state here in America..  For now, it’s the best I could hope for.

I’m not here to talk you into following my logic, necessarily.  I just implore you to consider the stakes as you mull over whether to ‘sit this one out’, because YOUR candidate did not survive the corrupt primary process.  Wow, are those stakes high.
Pray on it.


Be Safe.  Be Prepared.


PP October 2012

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