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How to Stop a Shooter: (Hint – It’s NOT tougher gun laws.)

How to Stop a Shooter

CARRY YOUR WEAPON if you legally can.  One armed citizen in that crowded movie theater in Aurora, CO could have minimized or prevented that tragedy from occurring.  But, from what I’ve read, that movie theater had a “No Firearms” sign posted.  Hmmmmm…. it didn’t seem to deter the lunatic, though, did it.

If you’re a CCW holder, CARRY YOUR WEAPON as often as you can.  YOU could prevent events like this in your city or town with one well-aimed shot.  Don’t witness a crazed gunman like that idiot in CO. and wish you had not left your carry pistol in the gun safe.  CARRY YOUR WEAPON.

TEST:  The main idea of the two preceding paragraphs was: ___________________________________.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.  CARRY YOUR WEAPON!!!!

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