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Summer’s Here and the Time is Right…..

Well, for Prepping, what else?

So you spent all winter with road maps spread across the living room floor, but $3.80 gas prices have put the kibosh on those plans to drive the gas-guzzler across this beautiful country this summer.  Disappointing, to be sure, but with disappointment can come opportunity.  Instead of taking a long, expensive road trip, take your family to some local places instead.  After all, its the time you spend together that counts, not necessarily where it is spent.  And when you get back from your vacation, you can put some of the money you saved on gas and hotels towards starting your emergency preps – the ones you’ve been meaning to get around to for, well…..a long time.

This site has a wealth of information on prioritizing your emergency preps and going beyond just food, water and first-aid materials to communications equipment, firearms for protection, perimeter security, and a host of other useful topics.  So, browse as much as you like, but resolve to start those long-put-off preps this summer.  The peace of mind they bring, in this turbulent world alone are worth the cost.

I’d start with food, water and medicines – a little each week so as not to upset the budget too badly.  Then expand your preps as mentioned above.  Start with reading The Prepper’s Mindset, to get your head straight on why the effort is worthwhile.

Don’t put it off.  Start today.

Be safe.  Be Prepared

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