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Preparations for a very uncertain future. . . : Sellier & Bellot 147gr .308. Pure WIN!

You know, the Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes.  A few weeks back, out of the blue, I get an email from Steve at asking me if I’d like to review some ammo from their great web-store.  Now, the email might not seem so miraculous, and indeed it was not, but what was amazing was the timing.  I had just come back from the range with my DPMS LR-308B (seen below relaxing on the couch) and was extremely disappointed with the performance (or acute lack thereof)

DPMS .308

PracticalPrepper's DPMS

of some .308 ammo I had purchased at a local gun show a week before.  I bought 5 – 20 round boxes of an unnamed .308 150 gr. ammo that did not even have enough power to cycle the bolt of my DPMS.  Oh, it would fire alright, and eject the round, but it would not push the bolt back with enough force against the buffer spring to strip off a new round from the magazine.  The problem is NOT my rifle.  It has several hundred rounds of Remington 150 gr .308 through it with ZERO malfunctions.

Sellier & Bellot .308

So, when Steve offered to send me some .308 for evaluation purposes, my eyes lit up, a broad smile came to my face and I quickly agreed.  True to his word, a few days later, a package arrived with 2 boxes of Sellier & Bellot 147 gr .308 brass-cased ammunition.

I finally was able to free up a morning to get to the range and try out the S&B, so I loaded up the DPMS and my trusty Kel-Tec SU-16 CA, just for fun, and headed to my favorite outdoor range in Sunrise, Fl last Sunday.  Despite an oblique 15-20 mph wind across the range, I set up the target at 100 yds, peered into the Leupold, and fired a magazine of Remington MC 150 gr at the center of the target for a reference.  I then followed that magazine with one filled with the Sellier & Bellot from, aiming, this time, about 6-8 inches below the first cluster of 19 shots.  I am pleased to say that my LR-308 loved the S & B ammo.  Zero problems with the 40 rounds and, as you can see from the photo below, the grouping was equal to (or even better than) that of the Remington at 100 yards.

GroupsSo Steve, thanks for running a great store over at – one with terrific customer service and great prices on all manner of pistol and rifle ammunition.  You provided great ammunition for evaluation and have made a customer out of me for sure.  With all the craziness going on around the world and right here at home, it might be a good time to spring for something you can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF: ammunition.  That’s what I’ll be doing.  And I’ll be doing it at  I hope you will too.  Click below to do business with Steve:

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.

Practical Prepper 12/11

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  1. I’m pretty jealous, growing up near St Cloud, Minnesota, where the DPMS rifles are manufactured I have always wanted a DPMS, I have never gotten around to buying a DPMS quite yet.

    Thanks for Posting!

    Comment by Nate | April 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Too bad. I love my LR-308B. Solid as a rock .308 for less than a thousand dollars.

      Comment by practicalprepper | April 16, 2012 | Reply

  2. Hey guy . no offence but with that rifle you should be able to put all those rounds in .50 cents at least . more like a quarter… As a custom rifle builder and non active duy Marine ,Id be glad to give you some tips. even with a wind ,at 100 yds that would only give you horizontal stringing.. Also if you really want to get a good evaluation of a particular ammo, get the chronograph out to see if your vertical spread may be due to differences in muzzle velocity.
    Other than that ,get it off that wobbly assed bi-pod and start using some sandbags, I garontee you will see a difference. If you can learn to use a sling you will have the capability of having a rock solid shooting position with only a sling which also can easily be used to carry that heavy bastard. I have shot open sights at 500 yards to qualify as expert at parris island so I know it works well. Proper application of basic rifle skills. Sight alignment, sight picture,breath,hold, squeeze…..DING!

    Comment by Chuck | May 6, 2012 | Reply

    • I agree with you about that NOT being an impressive display of marksmanship. Having said that, all the shots were “minute of chest/head” – and that’s all I’m looking for. As for the wobbly-assed bipod; you are correct and thanks for the advice.

      Comment by practicalprepper | July 23, 2012 | Reply

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