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On the ‘Normalcy Bias’ and Other Dangerous Illusions.

I watched a video the other evening.  A video that really disturbed me.  It was called simply, “Dissatisfaction With Government”, and it was found in the archives at, Glenn Beck’s TV network website.  I’ll share some interesting facts from the video with you, then tell you why they disturbed me so.

The video was about a recent Gallop Poll on public satisfaction with government.  This particular Gallop poll has been taken yearly since the early 1970s, so it has nearly four decades of data with which to examine trends.  It stated that around 2003, 59% of the country was generally satisfied with the way they were being governed with only 39% dissatisfied.  Mind you, this number is actually quite remarkable considering the partisan rancor that existed in the wake of the contested 2000 presidential election results.  Congressional approval was well over 50% in the same time period.  So what, you may say what’s so dangerous about those numbers?  Nothing.  But let’s fast-forward to 2011, shall we?

Today, that same poll, taken in October 2011, reveals that only 19% of those surveyed are satisfied with the way they are being governed, and a whopping 81% are dissatisfied.  I repeat:  81% of American are dissatisfied with the way they are being governed.  Those dissatisfied consist of 92% of polled Republicans and a surprising 65% of polled Democrats.  Dissatisfaction with Congress is similarly skewed with only 18% of those polled having any confidence at all of Congress’ ability to solve our problems – this month’s number is an incredible 9% approval rating for congress.  All this years’ numbers are record lows for the poll.  A revealing and chilling comparison shows that even during the height of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, BP’s disapproval rating never dipped below 16%.

This dissatisfaction gave birth to the Tea Party movement a few years back and has, more recently, spawned the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Now I know that Tea Party folks tend to feel they occupy the moral high-ground of anti-government sentiment, and in many ways, they do, but I would advise the TPers not to look down their noses too haughtily at the drum-beating, fist-hoisting rabble that is OWS.  They are a little late to the game, but they too, are part of that 81% that are dissatisfied with government and want to do something about it – just like the TPers.  Unfortunately, a significant number of them, assisted by outside forces, would replace this government with, at best, a Euro-Socialist nanny-state, or at worst, a dictatorship of the proletariat, ala Marx and Engels.  And therein, dear readers, is the source of my unease.

You see, while the Patriot movement and the OWS movement want many of the same things: an end to bank bailouts, corporate corruption, and do-nothing, lying politicians, but the means they choose to achieve those things and the ends they wish to achieve are diametrically opposite.  Patriots seek to re-establish a Constitutional Republic envisioned by our Founders, while a large segment of the OWS crowd look upon the US Constitution as an outdated document written by ancient, rich, privileged, white, slave owners, and want Social Justice via Socialism.  The two visions of our future are incompatible and irreconcilable.  Throw in an economic whirlwind precipitated by the imminent fall of the Euro as a viable currency and the inevitable spread of that economic contaigen here to the US, you have a recipe for an extremely volatile situation, to say the least.  And a possibilty of the unthinkable – conflict in the streets of America between proponents of the two disparate and polar opposite visions of America’s future.

To make matters worse, events in Iran (mysterious explosions at nuke and missile sites, murders of their nuke and missile scientists, the sacking of the British embassy in Tehran with the tacit blessing of the regime), Israel’s posturing about striking Iran’s nuclear facilities, the ascendency of anti-west Islamist parties in the countries participating in the ‘Arab Spring’, adding to the chaos.

Enter our enemy, the Normalcy Bias.  this is the dangerous part of our conscious mind that shelters our tender sensibilities, by ignoring the possibility of some horrendous event, like an economic collapse, loss of utilities, martial law and/or discounting the severity of its effects once it has occurred.  “Aw, you’re crazy,” they’ll say.  “That’ll never happen in a million years.”  It is a paralytic.  An opiate that prevents people from facing the possibility that such events have actually become likely in the very near future.  It is a dangerous thing in times like these.  Don’t fall victim to its seductive, siren song.  In this environment, it could lead to the endangerment of your self, your home, and, most importantly,  your family.

The very fact that you are a reader of the Practical Prepping Blog means that you, at least, have a curiosity about the prepper lifestyle (gosh, I hate that word, but am typing too hurriedly to find a suitable replacement) or are participating in it.  Good for you.  For I truly believe it is time to double down on your preps.  Make sure as much is in order as can be done in the next few weeks.  I don’t know about you, but I feel something evil this way comes.

I pray I’m wrong, but I prep in case I’m right.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.  Pray for our country.


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  1. For anyone who want’s to check out the episode PP is talking about here:

    Don’t forget that “since the 70s”… really isn’t that long ago. For true comparisons, I’d sure like to know about peoples perceptions during the Korean and Vietnam wars, and desegregation of schools etc, etc. Further, comparing American’s confidence in congress with confidence in BP during the oil spill is comparing apples to oranges. The oil spill really was an accident and nobody including BP… maybe ESPECIALLY BP… wanted to stop the oil spillage happening in the Gulf. In my estimation, I think this is sorta “good” news that American’s have finally waken-up regarding the rampant corruption that is our House and Senate in the federal government. That’s sorta the whole point of this blog… to wake-up American’s… and others… to the dire situation facing us today. The fact that Americans, en masse, are voicing their dissatisfaction is the very first step to group thinking a new solution to an old problem. Now MY confidence in the second step happening soon, isn’t that great either, but it’s better than continuing our current death march to the end of the gang plank. And your concerns that our “change” might instead take the form of a “Euro-Socialist nanny-state”… well, I’d say that’s a pretty fair concern. That’s probably what we should focus on the most. Change is definitely coming… and we need to seize the moment to make sure that those changes in THIS country reflect a return to the various freedoms and liberties that were once enjoyed here. Glenn Beck sounding the alarm on massive shortages and the possibility that a period of social chaos is coming… guess he’s a “Prepper” too! Ha!!.. That’s great news. More preppers with blogs, and TV programs are exactly what we need for folks to realize that we’re NOT crazy. GB is mainstream… sorta. The more people talking about putting away food, and being self-sufficient. The better we’ll make it through that period intact as a country. That’s a whole lot better than the worst case scenario… civil war. You’ll notice there’s an awful lot of social unrest in the world these days already.

    Comment by Roger | December 6, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks for the long and thoughtful comment. I agree that the gulf oil spill was not congress’ fault. The point I was clumsily trying to make was that people were frustrated with the inaction of congress and FEMA who did nothing while British planes sprayed tons of Corexit in the Gulf.
      I also agree that people waking up is a great thing – Glenn Beck included, and for the record, yes, he IS a prepper! My concern, Roger, is that many people are NOT at all interested in Restoring the Republic they were taught was racist and unfair. They want hard-core socialism/communism, because many of them believe what their leftist professors have been telling them about ‘social justice’ and other leftist bullshit. I pray we make it through the upheaval that is headed our way.
      How about you? Are you prepared?

      Comment by practicalprepper | December 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. Well it hasn’t even been 2 months, ha ha. Sorry for taking so long to get back to your site.

    No… I’m not sure anyone can ever feel a state of total preparedness. My family lives in northern Michigan, so a fairly different environment for survival than you have down in FL. Fortunatley, we bought a house with a nice wood stove in the basement and now we put-up wood as emergency heating fuel for every winter. I “woke-up” about 8-9 months ago. Since then we bought a freezer for our basement and stocked up on meats (I got that idea from you actually… thanks!). We purchased a food mill and this past summer we learned how to can fruits (put away 40 quarts of applesauce), and learned that home canned peaches are like the most delicious fruit in the universe! We also gave our new dehydrator a real workout with vacuum sealed wild leeks and garden fresh tomatoes and herbs. All that was in our first summer of awakening. This fall/winter we’ve added a WWII surplus moison nagant (best deer rifle for the money, imo) to the closet and 880 rounds of ammo, plus a little .22 semi-auto marlin with a scope. Put away a few dollars into silver coins and bullion in preparation for the mass inflation that’s sure to come… and don’t forget to keep buying it too. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to chat more. I’m doing other things, but I’d rather not post them all in a public forum. Keep posting. You’re doing great!

    Comment by Roger | February 3, 2012 | Reply

  3. “I don’t know about you, but I feel something evil this way comes.” ….. Me too. It was a couple years ago, and I say it with a certain amount of embarrassment, but I had a “vision”. It just happened, out of nowhere as I was going about my daily business. In my mind, I saw the horizon. It was clear and calm and sunny, but I could sense something. And I saw, even as I saw this perfect horizon, deep dark BLACK clouds creeping up, but not there yet. With it came the sensation that something big was coming, something much bigger than me, that would involve….everyone. The sensation was so intense, I actually went to the window and looked at the horizon, waiting to see storm clouds creeping. There were none. After that, I became interested in prepping. I didn’t know, and still am not entirely sure, just what it is I need to get ready for. I just know, and have developed a great sense of urgency, that I need to. Maybe I am just a weirdo… :/

    Comment by hecatesmoon | June 13, 2012 | Reply

    • Look, it could have been some sort of premonition, a divine inspiration, or just your subconscious putting the pieces together and warning you. Whatever it was, be thankful it happened, and do all the prepping you can reasonably do. The day it ‘hit’ me – the realization that if things went to hell right now, I would be in a FEMA bread line in a week – literally sent shivers down my arms and legs and sent my head spinning. The result is this blog. I’m glad you found it and that you believe it is helpful. Good luck in your preps. Even if you are just a beginner, the fact that you have the ‘prepping mindset’ puts you waaaaaay ahead of 98% of the people around you. Good on you!

      Comment by practicalprepper | July 23, 2012 | Reply

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