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YOU Are The 1%! Don’t Believe Me?

Before you are tempted to wax sympathetic about those poor, un(der)-employed college grads, 60s hippies, and leftists/anarchists of the Occupy Wall Street movement, or, what Ann Coulter so eloquently refers to as the ‘Flea Party’, know this:  They are demanding nothing short of the total dismantling of the middle class to fund their entitlements.  Yes the FSA (Free-Shit Army, as if ‘free’ healthcare, ‘free’ college tuition, etc…) is NOT just targeting the Wall Street fat cats with their ‘Down with the 1%’ protest – they have their crosshairs on YOU.  Don’t believe me?  Go to this link Global Rich List, and see where YOUR income falls.

You might be surprised to know that YOU are in the Top 1% and therefore, the object of their scorn ( and, ironically, the benefactor of their FS).  I don’t know whether this movement will peter out or grow into open rebellion.  Guess which eventuality I’m preparing for?

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.

PP 10/2011

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