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I’m No ‘Doomer’, but. . . . .(Update 10/16/2011)

Had to begin this post with a disclaimer of sorts.  As you already know if you are a regular reader of this blog, I’m not into ‘Doom’ rumor-mongering.  You won’t hear about Planet-X (Nibiru) approaching the Earth, or biblical Armageddon predictions, or earthquake swarms in the Canary Islands that threaten to unleash 200 ft. tall tidal tsunamis that will engulf the eastern US.  No, that sort of posting is better left to others and, indeed, there is no shortage of information on any of those three, or countless other Doomist predictions all over cyberspace.

No, this blog is about prepping.  That is to say, being prepared for possible hard times on the horizon due to our insane economic and or foreign policies or just the caprice of mother nature.  But, trying to keep the subject matter of my posts related to ‘non-specific’ threats is sometimes a difficult proposition.  Sometimes, things come to light, specific things that, I feel, require my scrutiny and, following that, my posting about them here.  Recently, one of those specific ‘things’ keeps re-appearing all over the web.  That being the notion of an impending economic collapse.  And by ‘impending’, I mean in the next few months, if not sooner.  It would be easy to discount such ‘doomer’ talk if the sources were mere ‘tin-foil-hat’ websites, but they are not.  Check out this video from a BBC interview with a European stock analyst.  Or this report from Karl Denninger, a well known and widely read market analyst.  Or this article, the subject of a banner headline on this evening’s Drudge Report.  Or any of a number of recent articles and reports on the collapse of the Euro, or the default of Greece.

UPDATE 9/16/11 – Found ANOTHER respected voice talking Doom:  Click Here

They might be prescient, or they might be much ado about nothing.  We, as preppers, must daily decide which information is to be acted upon and which discarded and such, also, is the case with this recent spate of economic collapse chatter.  Frankly, it’s got me a little concerned, but the purpose if this blog has always been to tell you what I’m doing to prepare as a model that you can either emulate in its entirety, partially, or not at all (liberty is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?), and NOT to cry ‘wolf’ – too many other sites do that already.  So, what am I doing?  I’m getting a sizeable (as much as I can afford to liquidate) amount of my modest savings out of the bank this week and into cash.  Why, because if there is a collapse of the Euro, or greek default, it cannot help but effect us and our faith in US banks – hence, a bank run to remove cash.  I’m just beating the crowd.  If I’m wrong?  Well, darn, I just lost a month or two of the fabulous 0.5% interest they’re giving me on my money.  Boo Hoo.  I’ve also bought three more metal cans for gasoline storage and will be filling them up this week.

What should YOU do?  Your best, is my standard answer.  Do you have enough food, money, gas, water, guns, ammo, medicines to last you a month, three months, six months, a year?  Do what you can afford.  But do something.  Your family is depending on you as is mine.  That’s why I do my best to prepare.  God Bless and keep safe.

Be safe.  Be Prepared

PP 10/10/11

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