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Labor Day 2011- Obamatons Turns Up the Anti Tea-Party Rhetoric

Since trying to pin the nearly averted government shutdown on the Tea-Party, the Obama administration has been slowly, but inexorably turning up the rhetorical pressure on the Constitution-Loving conservatives (notice, I did not say ‘Republicans’).

Slowly, that is, until today, when the malignant spawn of Union Gangster Jimmy Hoffa uttered these, now infamous words right before President Obama took the stage during a Chicago pro-Union Labor Day rally:

And, of course, the President immediately distanced himself from that harsh rhetoric…  No.  Wait.  All he did was praise Hoffa when he took the stage.  Let’s get this straight:  A union thug whose lineage can be traced back to the mod boss who is now resting comfortably in a New Jersey swamp (or so the legend goes), threatens to ‘Take these sons of bitches out’ and the President PRAISES him??  What’s going on here?

Then, on the same day, in what must admittedly be the oddest of coincidences, Vice President Joe Biden implores union thugs to stop the ‘Barbarians’ at the gates.  To whom is he referring when he uses the word Barbarians, why the Tea Party, of course.  Here’s more red meat for the Bolsheviks:

Now maybe I got this all wrong, but it seems to me that the two highest ranking elected officials in the country are calling for violence against the Tea Party, or at the very least, failing to condemn in the strongest terms, calls to “Take the sons of bitches out”.  I do not accept that these two incidents were mere coincidences.  And if you do not either, then you’d do well to keep a careful eye on the doings of the unions and community organizations vis a vis acts of violence against Tea Party members.

It may all come to nothing.  Just a little hot rhetoric to fire up the union robots.

But, then again, it might be a good time to speed up those preps.

Be safe.  Be prepared.

September 5, 2011 - Posted by | My Opinion

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