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Rather being an activity that you do for a while, then forget, prepping for emergencies is an ongoing process. For example, three years ago I knew I needed a dependable generator if the grid ever goes down and went out and bought a Honda eu2000i; a gas thrifty workhorse with enough oomph to keep my freezers cold and some power for some lighting and comm gear. The next logical step was to buy some plastic gas cans and store some gasoline – 30 gallons worth. I did that, and for the past three years I have stored the fuel in this storage box in my back yard ( in a spot that is in perpetual shade).


Well, that system has served me well, but it’s now time to upgrade to safer, longer lasting Blitz metal gas storage cans ( pictured at the beginning of this post) which I intend to store in my garage (the wife did not want plastic gas cans in the garage – and I agreed with her).

Like I said, prepping is not something you do then forget about. It’s a ‘lifestyle’, if you’ll forgive that overused term. So, re examine and reevaluate your preps from time to time and make improvements as time and money warrant.

Be safe. Be Prepared.

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A Little ‘Not-So-Light’ Reading Tonight.


On a stormy summer’s night in south Florida, what could be better than Jameson’s on the rocks (an oddly prophetic metaphor for our country’s financial state) and some ‘doomer’ non-fiction; specifically – When Money Dies, by Adam Fergusson.
As a blurb review on the cover states: “a timely warning of the potentially dire consequences when central banks hit the printing presses.”. You guessed it; this book is about the Weimar Republic and the hyper-inflation that destroyed it after WWI.
I won’t do a review here, but I’d like to share a rather telling quote from a once well-off woman caught in the throes of a spiraling currency devaluation. On page 22 she laments: “The fact that the future is so uncertain has led to stagnation in industry abs public works, and swelling numbers of unemployed supported by the state.”
Sound familiar?
Are you prepared?
QE3 is coming.
Have a plan.
Be safe. Be prepared.

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