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For Those Who Think ‘Elections Don’t Matter’.

Watching House Majority Leader John Boehner struggle to get the freshmen ‘Tea Party’ Republicans to sign onto the third version of his ‘compromise’ debt limit bill is more than an exercise in schadenfreude, it’s down right refreshing.  You see, these freshmen were elected solely on their promise to cut spending, lower the deficit, and shrink the bloated federal government.  They are not beholden to the good-ole-boy RINO network for fundraising or plum committee seats and cannot be swayed when such perks are proffered.  No.  They are beholden to US, the people who elected them.  WOW, what a concept!

Now, imagine what a majority of such conservative, constitution-loving lawmakers in the House could do.  You see, elections DO matter.  Standing on principal does matter.  As long as our political system remains viable, we should do all we can to increase the number of ‘Tea Party’ republicans in Washington D.C.  It’s either that or give up.  Unfortunately, I can see the day where giving up, and all the danger with which that choice is fraught, might be necessary – that day is not yet upon us.  Work to vastly increase the number of constitution-loving conservatives in the House and Senate.  Right now, it’s all we’ve got to hold on to the last vestiges of the Republic our forefathers entrusted to us.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.


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  1. Refreshing to hear from a like-mind! Thanks for saying what I wish more would understand.

    Comment by Mike C | July 29, 2011 | Reply

    • Yeah, I know how you feel, Mike. It’s our job to spread the word – like so may Paul Reveres.

      Comment by practicalprepper | July 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. Cheers! Spoken from the heart and mind. Each and every one of us is now obligated to impress upon people that the truth has and always will matter. Well said.

    Comment by themadprepper | July 29, 2011 | Reply

    • Thanks, madprepper. There’s still time to save the republic and I believe electing more TeaParty candidates is the best way to get that done. If that fails, I’m afraid it’s torches and pitchforks.

      Comment by practicalprepper | July 29, 2011 | Reply

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