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For Those Who Think ‘Elections Don’t Matter’.

Watching House Majority Leader John Boehner struggle to get the freshmen ‘Tea Party’ Republicans to sign onto the third version of his ‘compromise’ debt limit bill is more than an exercise in schadenfreude, it’s down right refreshing.  You see, these freshmen were elected solely on their promise to cut spending, lower the deficit, and shrink the bloated federal government.  They are not beholden to the good-ole-boy RINO network for fundraising or plum committee seats and cannot be swayed when such perks are proffered.  No.  They are beholden to US, the people who elected them.  WOW, what a concept!

Now, imagine what a majority of such conservative, constitution-loving lawmakers in the House could do.  You see, elections DO matter.  Standing on principal does matter.  As long as our political system remains viable, we should do all we can to increase the number of ‘Tea Party’ republicans in Washington D.C.  It’s either that or give up.  Unfortunately, I can see the day where giving up, and all the danger with which that choice is fraught, might be necessary – that day is not yet upon us.  Work to vastly increase the number of constitution-loving conservatives in the House and Senate.  Right now, it’s all we’ve got to hold on to the last vestiges of the Republic our forefathers entrusted to us.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.


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‘Stealth’ Carrying Case For My SU-16 CA – ‘Tennis Anyone?’

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Pentagon Declares Internet a “War Domain” – I Told You So

A while back (1/29/11, to be precise), I wrote a little blurb on how you should download and save any critical information you now access via the internet because, one day, the internet as you knew it will have been ‘shut down’ or curtailed ‘for national security reasons’.  I received a few emails after that story chiding me on my ‘paranoia’.  This week, a story on The Hill website was sweet vindication.

It seems that the Pentagon will play an ever increasing role in policing the internet – ostensibly, searching for evil hackers who would unleash upon our country’s infrastructure a virus or worm that would wreak havoc (kind of like the ‘stuxnet’ virus we unleashed on the Iranian nuclear arms program computers).  I say ostensibly, because, undoubtedly, these assets will be used to expand the already monstrous ‘snoop-state’ maintained by the DHS, NSA, et al.  But don’t be alarmed.  Nothing to see here.  Just the .gov ‘protecting us’.  Go back to sleep.

Be safe. Be Prepared.

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Kel-Tec SU-16 CA Comment Response

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Independence Day 2011

Somewhere in between the hot dogs and beer and fireworks, you would do well to offer a prayer of thanks to God for those brave men who authored and signed the Declaration of Independence, knowing full well that they might well be signing their own death warrants.
Would they be proud or appalled by America 2011?
You decide and act accordingly.
Be safe. Be prepared.


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