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What’s a Tent Doing In My Living Room?

Well, that can only mean one thing: Hiking Time is near!

Yes, in just five short weeks or so, PP and the misses will be heading out west for our yearly pilgrimage to the Rockies. Alpine hikes beckon and we’re already psyched to get going. I mean, what better way to test those fire-making skills than lighting campfires at 10,000 ft campsites? I’ll be posting lots of pics from the trip thanks to my new iPhone and an awesome WordPress App (BTW, I wrote this post and uploaded the tent pic on my phone). I’ll also be posting a URL where you can follow our hikes via uploaded GPS data from our SPOT module. Google them; they’re awesome.

Anyway, back to prepping for our trip.

Be safe. Be prepared.



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Osama Bin Laden killed by US troops

A quick post of warning not to let your guard down with OBL’s death. My guess is some sort of retaliation will be perpetrated here on US soil. Stay informed. Stay vigilant.

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