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Time to Plant! (Well, at least in SoFla it is)

No, it is NOT my intent to rub our beautiful south Florida ‘winter’ weather in all your frozen northern faces, but while you are shoveling snow (again!) from your driveways, Practical Prepper has been shoveling compost and soil into his raised beds in preparation for his seedlings.

I’ve begun preparing my beds for a new round of tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, broccolli, etc,, which I am growing as seedlings indoors until they established enough to plant in the beds.  I’ll keep you posted on what will be planted and when, as well as show you the seedlings as soon as they poke their heads above the soil.  Planting a food garden is always a good idea, but in light of present world and economic events (have you read the latest Web Bots report??), it’s more important now than ever to supplement your food storage with fresh vegetables.  More about gardening philosophy, in a few weeks……

But right now, I have some marinating ribs to attend to for tonight’s ‘Big Game’.

Be Safe.

Be Prepared.

Practical Prepper 2011


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