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Merry Christmas one and all!

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Homeland Security TV screens at Walmart?

Here’s Practical Prepper’s take on the DHS snitch-screens.

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Know Thy Neighbors – They’re Your Left and Right Flank!

Well, Thanksgiving 2010 is now history and the wife and I sat down this evening to plan our yearly Christmas ‘House Party’.  Every year for the past 5 years (not coincidentally, exactly how long I’ve been ‘awake’ and prepping) we have invited our neighbors and family into our home for some food, drink, music, conversation and holiday cheer.  I’m especially looking forward to this years’ party as we have invited two new neighbors and their families – both of which have moved onto our block in the past few months.  Why, you might well ask, would I be looking forward to spending money on something as trivial as a Christmas Party for neighbors?  Regular readers of this blog will know the answer to that question, but I will answer it for you new readers:

Hosting a Christmas/Channukah party is an excellent way to, in the course of casual conversation, determine the state of ‘awareness’ of newcomers to the neighborhood.  As I have written before, conversations at my previous Christmas parties have allowed me to form unofficial ‘mutual defense pacts’ with four like-minded neighbors within 1oo ft. of my house.   And I would have never known they were preppers at all had we not shared a few libations on the back porch.  Do I know all there is to know about them?  No.  Did I share all my prep info with them?  No.  OPSEC  is still very important, but we know enough about each other’s intentions and commitment to stick together if the SHTF to be able to count on each other for support if times get rough.

So, if you can, I would implore you to have a similar gathering at your home or apartment.  To keep the expense down, you can ask each person to bring a dish or drinks or chips, etc. – in fact, that’s what we’re doing this year.  If nothing else, it will bring neighbors together where they can talk and laugh and maybe, just maybe, you can obliquely start a conversation about the dangerous state of the economy and just sit back and listen.  You, like I was a few years back, might be pleasantly surprised by what your neighbors think.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.

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