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A Florida Prepping Advantage: Winter Gardening

I was in Denver and Boulder, CO with my son two weekends ago where lots of people we met were talking about getting ready for the coming cold weather.  My son and I would comment on how ‘nippy’ the weather was (low 50s in the mornings) and the usual retort was:  “Wait a few weeks and you Floridians will freeze your asses off.”  Well, we were only in town long enough to catch a concert, then we were soon headed back towards sunny south Florida and the low 80 degree days of October.

I mention our little foray into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop against which I will tell you that living here does have its advantages.  One of them being, especially for the prepper, the ability to grow vegetables and fruits in your home garden virtually year-round – Try growing lettuce and tomatoes in Denver in November.  Today, my wife and I prepped two of our 5 raised beds ( that involved pulling weeds, tilling the soil, adding new garden soil and compost, and leveling it all out), and planted a few rows of lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes.  Judging by our experience with last years’ fall plantings, these seeds should do just fine and yield their bounty in late December or early January – right about the time I plant my larger Spring garden.

I you don’t live in an area like south Florida that allows you to grow food year around, you might want to consider the alternatives, like building a small greenhouse on a back patio or porch or even growing spices indoors in window sill containers.  Be creative, but start now.  Time’s a-wasting.

Be safe.  Be Prepared.


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