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Back To Prepping: Lookie What Brown Did For Me Today!

Canned Butter.  What will they think of next?

Just received these 12 cans of Red Feather ‘Pure Creamery Butter’ from Healthy Harvest.  They had been on back order for some time, so the box I saw on my porch as I drove up to the house today merited a fist pump.  I mean what’s the use of storing flour and grain to make bread if you’ve got no butter to slap on it?  This canned butter is part of my long-term stock along with ‘several’ #10 cans of Mountain House and eFoods Direct freeze-dried food along with other long-term items stored in 5-gallon buckets in mylar bags.  I bring this up because I believe it is prudent to have both short-term – a few weeks of food/water in case of a hurricane or flood, or other localized disaster as well as a store of long-term food like vacuum/mylar bagged rice, beans, flour, pasta, etc., in case the SHTF or some other long-term emergency makes for food shortages.

I’ve been saying for a long time that you CANNOT count on your local grocery store to have enough stock to accomodate ‘panic-buying’ on the cusp of an emergency.  They all utilize ‘Just in time’ inventory protocol.  This means that they have just enough for a day or two and depend on a daily caravan of trucks to keep their inventory levels up.  Gone forever are the days of vast stockrooms filled to the rafters with countless cases of food.  So, if you think you’re going to need it during an emergency, buyit now if you can.  Or if not now, then ASAP.

Be safe.  Be prepared.

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