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It’s Never Too Early To Prepare For Winter

I was cleaning off the back porch this weekend in between pool maintenance, generator maintenance, barbecues and a ham radio Simulated Emergency Test (Hey, isn’t labor day weekend supposed to be a time for relaxation???), when I discovered half a small cord of firewood I had covered with a few large bags of Kingsford charcoal earlier this spring.  Some of you are probably thinking, What the heck does this guy need with firewood??  Doesn’t he live in So. Florida?  Yes, I do, but what kind of prepper (practical or otherwise) would I be if I did not have the means of cooking and/or boiling water if my electricity is out (I hate my electric stove) and I have run out of propane?  I usually keep a few cords of wood on my back porch ‘just in case’.  Sometimes we light up a few pieces in the fire pit when the temperature drops to the bone chilling 50s.  Brrrrrr.

The purpose of this post is to remind you that the time to prepare for winter – especially you folks up north – is NOW.  I don’t have to remind you about the growing number of sources of warnings about this fall and early winter vis a vis our teetering economic situation.  Don’t put off getting kerosene for the heaters and lanterns, batteries for the flashlights and radios, and propane (or firewood) for emergency cooking and heating.  Also, remember the two most important things: Food and Water.  I remember reading last year about a family who was trapped in their  homes due to hellacious ice storms knocking down power lines and closing roads.  Luckily, they were ‘preppers’ and made it through just fine while having enough food and gasoline to help their neighbor run their generator for a few days longer.  A word to the wise.

Preps Dry Run: Update #3

Below is the only photo I was able to salvage off the damaged memory card of my Sony camera.  It is a somewhat blurred picture of my using my camping stove to brew up the aforementioned ‘Cuban Rocket Fuel’; cafe cubano.

The only surviving pic on the memory card. Bummer.

Be safe.  Be prepared.

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  1. i always make fire pits specially when we are out in the woods making some camp fire ;:*

    Comment by Corner Cabinet · | November 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Fire pits are wonderful. Like Bear Grills and Les stroud say, no matter how difficult the situatiion they find themselves in, somehow, making a fire always cheers them up”. I agree. There’s something primal about fire.

      Comment by practicalprepper | November 20, 2010 | Reply

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