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Arizona v. The US Justice Dept – A Teachable Moment

Every prepper has had an ‘Aha’ moment.  A moment of perfect clarity.  An instant where the veil of confusion is lifted.  Mine occurred in the midst of the immigration debate during the GWB administration.  I remember joining several thousand others who literally sent bricks to members of congress – the ‘Send-A-Brick’ program – as a not-so-subtle reminder that they must first seal the southern border before dealing with any talk of ‘paths to citizenship’ for the millions of illegal aliens already in our country.  The ‘Send-A-Brick’ program was born out of a growing sense of frustration that, with the proffered immigration bill, the federal government was completely out of touch with the vast majority of the American people where border issues were concerned.  It was our wish and intent that burdening D.C. politicians with hundreds of thousands of bricks would get our point across.  The republican leadership at that time assured us that they had gotten the message loud and clear and would soon offer a new, improved immigration bill.  That they did – except the ‘new’ immigration bill was WORSE in nearly every way than the original horrendous offering – practically granting immediate amnesty to nearly every illegal immigrant AND their families.  How could this be?   How could a President from a border state be so clueless about the chaos (which has grown exponentially worse in the ensuing years) unrestricted illegal immigration is causing in this country?

The truth was:  He wasn’t clueless at all.  He just was acting in the interest of persons other than the American people.  Call them ‘Globalists’, the New World Order, the Elite.  Names don’t matter.  What matters is the fact that our government is no longer beholden to us; the American people.  It is literally in debt to foreign bankers, who by purchasing our junk Treasuries, allow us to keep printing worthless dollars, and thereby keep our economy from totally collapsing.  Treason?  Perhaps.  But reality nonetheless.  Why am I dredging up such old news?  Because it’s happening again and incredulity over how this administration is approaching the issue of border control and illegal immigration is a potential ‘Teachable Moment’ for those still on the fence about the intentions of the federal government – regardless of which party is in office.

Obama WILL prosecute Arizona for actually ENFORCING federal law (in the form of a state law that practically duplicates the federal immigration statutes), but will NOT prosecute the over 800 sanctuary cities that openly state that they will NOT arrest illegal aliens, even if they commit crimes.

His DHS listens to our phone calls, reads our emails, and tracks our internet travels, scans our naked bodies at the airport and courthouses (just as Bush’s did)- all in an effort to stop ‘terrorism’, but allows thousands of anonymous illegal aliens across the border every day – essentially anyone who can book a flight to, or otherwise arrive in Mexico.  They’re known as OTMs or ‘Other Than Mexicans’ and God only knows what they have brought into this country across a practically undefended border.  How can this be?  Welcome to the world of Globalism, my friend.  Here, take this Red Pill and read on to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

If you’d been reading the right blogs (notice I did not say the right newspapers or any other mainstream news outlet) you would be aware that this absurd immigration situation in the US pales in comparison to that being forced upon EUrope by the European Union.  What is happening in EUrope is incredible and criminal and is largely being accepted by a population imbued and browbeaten by political correctness and multiculturalism.  In short, (if you want the long version, I suggest you visit the Gates of Vienna blog – a compendium of news about the Islamification of EUrope) EUropean union countries are being made to suffer the FORCED immigration of millions of Algerians and Moroccans, as well as Eastern Europeans obstensively, to ‘do the jobs EUropeans will not do’ (sound familiar??) and increase the tax base that supports the pervasive EUro-welfare state.  It seems that the virtual erasure of national borders and irradiation of the sovereign nations have sapped the people of Europe of their culture, their nationalism, their patriotism, and their very will to continue existing as witnessed by their unsustainable 1.3 births for every couple.  At this rate, it is calculated that several EUropean nations will have Muslim majorities in a few generations.

You have to be in a coma to see that this is exactly what is being forced upon us here in the US.  Patriots are branded as racists, capitalism is being supplanted by a fashion of corporate-socialist-fascism by our very own government, and efforts to curtail unlimited illegal immigration are being attacked with the full force of the US Justice Department.

Again, I ask.  Why?  The answer is the ‘Teachable Moment’ I spoke of earlier.  Just like the once-proud countries of EUrope fading into a miasma of multiculturalism, the United States, conceived by evil, white, rich slave-owners must also have its comeuppance. It must be brought to her knees and destroyed.  It must be taught that America is not exceptional at all.  Jobs and industries must be exported to China and Mexico. The best medical system in the world must be systematically dissected.   It must under go a ‘Fundamental Transformation’, if you will, before a true world government can be instituted.  Remember, globalists are not some innocuous group of socialist lunatics.  They mean what they say and have written about for years, and have the money and influence to see that their dream turns into a reality.  They’re succeeding on a grand scale in EUrope and have finally, with the first truly anti-American president and administration, have turned the corner here in the US.

I prep because I have no trust in this government.  Nor do I believe they have the good of the nation at heart.  God help us.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.

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  1. Very good piece. From a fellow stockpiler.

    Comment by dillinger9 | January 20, 2011 | Reply

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