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Arizona v. The US Justice Dept – A Teachable Moment

Every prepper has had an ‘Aha’ moment.  A moment of perfect clarity.  An instant where the veil of confusion is lifted.  Mine occurred in the midst of the immigration debate during the GWB administration.  I remember joining several thousand others who literally sent bricks to members of congress – the ‘Send-A-Brick’ program – as a not-so-subtle reminder that they must first seal the southern border before dealing with any talk of ‘paths to citizenship’ for the millions of illegal aliens already in our country.  The ‘Send-A-Brick’ program was born out of a growing sense of frustration that, with the proffered immigration bill, the federal government was completely out of touch with the vast majority of the American people where border issues were concerned.  It was our wish and intent that burdening D.C. politicians with hundreds of thousands of bricks would get our point across.  The republican leadership at that time assured us that they had gotten the message loud and clear and would soon offer a new, improved immigration bill.  That they did – except the ‘new’ immigration bill was WORSE in nearly every way than the original horrendous offering – practically granting immediate amnesty to nearly every illegal immigrant AND their families.  How could this be?   How could a President from a border state be so clueless about the chaos (which has grown exponentially worse in the ensuing years) unrestricted illegal immigration is causing in this country?
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Preps Dry-Run 2010 : Preview Video

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Happy Independence Day – July 4th 2010

Our freedom is the legacy of the signers of this document and all of those who have fought (and are yet to fight) to preserve  its audacious ideals.

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