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Range Report: Springfield XD9 – My New Favorite Pistol.

Just sold a Beretta 92G Elite II that I had not fired in over a year and used some of the money to purchase a Springfield Armory XD9 with a stainless slide at a local gun show.  To say that I was happy with the purchase would be a gross understatement.  From the fit and finish to the ease of assembly/disassembly to its deadly accuracy and fantastic trigger and ergos – the XD9 is a first-rate weapon.

If you’re at work and cannot see the embedded video above, let me hit the high points of my range experience with the brand-new, two toned beauty.  As I do with all new weapons, I disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and lubed the XD9 as soon as I got it home.  The next morning saw me pack the range bag with 200 rnds of the ubiquitous Winchester White Box 115gr FMJ and  a box of Hornady 147gr. JHP TAP ammo – my choice for personal defense, and head out excitedly to the local gun range.  When I got there, I purchased an additional 50 rnds of really crappy, generic looking 9mm ‘Range Ammo’ just for giggles.

Long story short, the XD9 ate the 200 rnds of WWB without one malfunction or hiccup of any kind at all.  Second, I loaded up the twin, stainless steel 16-rnd mags with the crappy Brand X ammo to see if it would cause the XD to stumble, but to my surprise, it cycled the underpowered junk like a champ.  Next, a test of whether it would like the Hornady TAP rounds – the other end of the quality continuum from the Brand X crap.  I recorded myself shooting a magazine of the Hornady at a target some 10-12 yards away and placed the footage in the video above.  Needless to say, not one malfunction or even a hint of a problem.  I was extremely impressed.

The feel of the grip, the smooth and light trigger, the out-of-the-box perfection of the sight alignment and silky smooth function of the Springfield XD9 was beyond even my highest expectations.  I’m an XD fan for life and am already pondering the purchase of a .45 cal model.

Excellent, high quality gun.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.

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