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No Man Is An Island – Know Your Neighbors

The other day, while mowing the grass in my backyard, I watched my neighbor, Dave, who lives two doors north of me start building the fence along the back of his property he had been threatening to build for a few years now.  I admired his skill as I dutifully lead my mower up and back across my backyard grass and had to smile when I noticed he was building the wooden fence with eight-foot slats rather than the more conventional six foot variety.  Knowing Dave as I do, the additional height had a lot less to do with privacy than security.  After I finished the lawn and had a quick dip in the pool, I went over to Dave’s house to get a closer look at the fence, talk about the upcoming hurricane season and chat about how ‘ready’ we were if we we hit by a storm this year.  That’s when he told me that it wasn’t the weather-type storm he was worried about this year.  We both agreed that an economic storm was at least as likely to occur, then agreed that we would be there for each other if the financial SHTF.

Dave is a an Army vet.  He was a motor pool mechanic and welder in an Army base in Germany during the cold war and can fix anything that rolls (or doesn’t).  I not-so-jokingly refer to him as my ‘Left Flank ‘ and bought him 2 boxes of .30 cal for his M-1 carbine last Christmas to bolster his ammo cache.  How did I know he was a vet, and had an M-1 carbine, and was a ‘prepper’ like me?  I asked.  And that, dear reader, is the point of this blog post.

If things go south and, God forbid, we are forced to protect our families and possessions from those who wish us harm, your chances of success are greatly multiplied if you team-up with like minded neighbors willing to share the watch/patrol responsibilities.  But that cannot happen unless you first get to know enough of your neighbors and are lucky enough to have a few who have the foresight to see the wisdom in teaming-up with you.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I got to meet a lot of my neighbors that I had only previously just waved at, at a Christmas party I threw a few years back.   My wife and I opened our house to our neighbors by inviting them to bring a dish to a very informal party.  We had a great time, got to really  talk with several neighbors for the first time.  It was at that party that I discovered 4 other men on our block that were, to varying degrees, preppers and, shall we say, believers in the second amendment.

With summer coming, allow me to suggest that you hold a block BBQ or 4th of July party for your neighbors with an eye towards making connections necessary to organize like-minded neighbors, or, at the very least, to identify others on your block who own guns or like to shoot or visit the same blogs that you do.  It will be worth the time and expense incurred if you can connect up with a few people on your block if things get bad.

Be Safe.  Be Prepared.

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