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Taurus PT709 Slim Update: Light Strike (FTF) Problem

After over 400 rounds of trouble-free shooting, my Taurus PT709 Slim has developed a FTF (failure to fire) problem.  It started last week when one round out of a box of 50 failed to fire – even after the 2nd strike (remember, Taurus models have the ability to strike the primer again without a cycling of the slide).  I ejected the problematic round and saw that the primer had indeed been struck, but the round failed to fire.  A similar thing happened at the range this morning with three more rounds.  A Work Order has been prepared and the Slim is being sent to Taurus for repair.

This is disappointing news, but I will reserve judgment until the techs at Taurus have a chance to repair the problem.  Naturally, I will keep you posted on the Slim and have another range report when I get it back from Taurus.

And, before you ask, I DID give it a thorough cleaning after every trip to the range.

Be safe.  Be Prepared.

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  1. I have just bought a new taurus slim took it home an right out of the box the second shot was a miss fire , It will only shot 2 rounds then miss fires . It has missed 10rds out of 32rds , not very good for a NEW gun

    Comment by Don Heightman | February 19, 2012 | Reply

  2. I had a similar problem then changed ammo to monarch no more problems. An instructor also told me that I had limp wrist sydrome. a stronger grip resolved allof my problems.

    Comment by dell | October 7, 2012 | Reply

    • Yeah, you’ve gotta keep the wrist firm to manage recoil and avoid the dreaded ‘limp wrist’.

      Comment by practicalprepper | January 13, 2013 | Reply

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