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Opinion: A Chilling Deja-Vu.

Some years ago I was at a drag strip in Hollywood, Florida.  I had brought my two young nephews to watch a wheel-standing school bus race against another wheel-standing vehicle with a fiberglass body shaped and painted to look like an Army tank – turret and all.  Great stuff for 10 and 12-year-olds.  Behind the vehicles, a huge crowd had gathered to watch the cars blast down the quarter-mile track.  When the two vehicles finished their raucous burnouts, replete with obligatory fire and smoke, my over-excited nephews dragged me out of the grandstands and to the chain link fence that separated the track from the spectators for a closer view.  Their fingers nervously gripping the fence, mouths agape in wonder, I watched as my nephews, Robert and Ralphy, shrieked with delight as the two vehicles leaped  from the starting line, front wheels majestically in the air, hemi engines emitting an ear-rattling roar.  Then, suddenly, as quickly as the race had begun, it ended with both vehicles slamming their front wheels back on to the asphalt, their drivers frantically undoing their safety harnesses, and leaping out of the roof escape hatches designed for a quick exit in case of a fire, and scampering across the track to the safety of the guard rail barrier.

But there was no fire.

In a few moments, we were at last able to see what the drivers had seen from the moment the aborted race began.  At first, it was just a pair of headlights approaching the starting line from the far end of the track, then, as the lights drew closer, you could see that it was a car; a black Firebird, flying down the track the wrong way at well over 100 mph.  The crowd, myself and my nephews included, were transfixed.  We could only watch as the car plowed into the crowd of spectators behind the starting line and eventually slammed into the concrete barrier.  The sound of the engine, the flying bodies, the brutal smash of car into reinforced concrete, are all memories that will haunt me forever,  But the most amazing thing about the incident was the oppressive and massive silence that hung in the air and froze everyone into a temporary, but acute paralysis.  No one moved.  It seemed like no one breathed.  Time stood still while our brains tried in vain to cope with the magnitude what we had all just seen.

I believe the country is experiencing a similar awe and near paralysis as I write this.  I believe that most Americans instinctively know that the Health Care vote on Sunday was a rubicon-crossing of sorts, but are still in that suspended state of disbelief.  Not sure exactly what happened, but knowing it was bad – very bad.  I feel an uneasy calm on the part of patriotic Americans who are not exactly sure how to respond to this usurpation of their God-given liberty by a cabal of socialist criminals.  After all, patriots are never the ones to race out into the streets chanting and holding up obscene placards while spitting on the police.  That is the province of the left and always has been.  Still, I fear for what may happen when patriots, once again can gather their wits and shake off the disbelief.

I pray for the hand of Providence that guided the Founders of this great republic to once again guide us and lend us counsel.  Now is not the time for revenge or rash, pointless violence or mischief.  It is not yet the time to choose between the ballot box and ammo box.  I believe we need to concentrate our efforts towards voting the globalist progressive, socialists  out of office and electing as many patriots as we can so we can forestall any more erosion of what is left of our liberties.  We need to also concentrate on the state level, where the real battle against this marxist behemoth will play out.  Write call, or fax (or all three) the AG of your state and demand he/she take steps to block implementation.  I believe change must first be given the opportunity to play out at the ballot box before other solutions should be brought into play.

God Help Us.

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