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It was NEVER About ‘Health Care’

All the machinations, and permutations, and backroom deals, and Louisiana Purchases.  All the half truths and blatant lies (like cutting $500 billion from Medicare will ‘save it’) spewed on the Sunday morning talking head shows by the White House’s useful idiots.  All the tens of thousands of Air Force One  miles  President Obama has logged (and Polar Bears he’s killed) in the last few weeks barnstorming the nation like a frenzied candidate behind in the polls.  All of it.  Every bit.  Every second of it was a side show.  A Trillion dollar sideshow.  A mere distraction from the real goal; Total power over nearly every aspect of our lives centered in a massive federal government.

And proposing use of the ‘Slaughter Option’, that is to say allowing the House of Representatives to approve of the Senate version of the health care bill by ‘deeming it as passed’ without actually voting directly on the bill, a constitutionally required step in the process of a bill becoming law, speaks volumes of the hubris and arrogance with which these statists feel imbued.

As a dedicated ‘prepper’, I am, almost by definition, forward-looking.  And as I look out at the near-term, I don’t like what I see.  On the one hand, I hear Nancy Pelosi boasting that the passage of heal care reform by whatever means it takes will be the force that pushes down the door for the passage of other equally unpopular and costly Progressive programs like Cap and Trade and Comprehensive Immigration Reform spelled A-M-N-E-S-T-Y.  And on the other hand, I see conservatives, libertarians, and patriots practically seething with anger at abandonment of Constitutional principals the financial destruction of the country on the part of the federal government – much of which, to be fair, began during the Bush administration.

It seems like a ‘Perfect Storm’ is brewing.  The quintessential irresistible force about to collide with an immovable object.  Perhaps a statesman will arise on either side to defuse a possible crisis.  Hmmm……  have you seen any ‘statesmen’ in D.C. recently?  Me neither.

Practical Preparations:  They’re not just for weather emergencies anymore!  Are you prepared?

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